Frequently asked questions


1. What type of applications does the nimbus® project designer software have?

2. Does the software require the installation or download of any program?

3. In which languages can nimbus® project designer be used?

4. What steps should I follow to complete a lightning protection project with nimbus® project designer?

5.  Can I edit a finished project?

Project data

6. What is the safety margin for accessories in the “Regulatory details” section?

7. What is an ICPE Project?

8. What regulations does the nimbus® Project Designer meet?

9. Can I enter the installation location using GPS coordinates?

10. How can I select the location on the map?

Design of the installation

11. How can I import a drawing and in what formats can I do it?

12. How can I define the scale of the project?

13. How can I define the areas of the different zones to be protected?

14. How can I delete an already defined area?

15. What are forbidden areas?

16. Why do I need to define the materials of the structure?

nimbus® optimiser

17. How do I place the lightning rods in the area to be protected?

18. How does the lightning rod optimizer work?

19. What does a red circle mean in the proposed solution?

20. Can I change the model of a lightning rod?

21. Can I edit the solution proposed by the nimbus® optimizer?

22. Can I change the accessories and/or elements of the lightning rod installation?

23. How are equipotential bonds represented in the software?

24. What type of ground connection does the software allow?

Risk assessment

25. How do I assign the protection level to an area or structure?

26. How is the need for protection assessed?

27. What criteria should I follow to determine the protection level depending on the type of zone?

28. What is an isokeraunic map?

29. What is the protection level?

30. What is the number of conductive service lines?

31. In the parameters for calculating risk, can multiple responses be selected?

32. How do I interpret the result of the risk calculation?

Listado de materiales

33. What does the bill of materials include?

Informe del proyecto

34. What information does the final project report contain?

35. Can I generate a report in several languages?



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