nimbus R completo

In the standard nimbus® series, maintenance is performed using the LR-Tester product, which requires physical access to the lightning rod, at the height at which it is installed.
The nimbus® R range simplifies this process by incorporating remote verification technology. This way one can check its operation, with the help of a remote control called R-Tester, without physically accessing the lightning rod.

This feature, in addition to facilitating and speeding up the maintenance process, results in cost savings This makes the nimbus® R lightning rod especially suitable for installations where circumstances require frequent maintenance at an optimal cost.



Mando a distancia_Mesa de trabajo 1.png

Remote result on the remote control.

Validar instalacion_Mesa de trabajo

Check to validate the installation. Make sure the nimbus® R works correctly right after completing the initial installation.

Universal_Mesa de trabajo 1.png

R-Tester is universal. Any nimbus® R lightning rods can be tested from a single remote control serial number.

Reduccion costes_Mesa de trabajo 1.png

Reduced maintenance costs.

Gran alcance_Mesa de trabajo 1.png

Long range. The technology incorporated in R-tester and nimbus® R, allows testing,serial number by serial number from great distances

Tranquilidad_Mesa de trabajo 1.png

Peace of mind. It allows periodic maintenance tests without
the need to physically access the lightning rod.




Remote test using the universal R-Tester control, with wide range of RF communication in open areas.


The R-Tester is especially indicated for installation professionals and external lightning protection maintenance professionals.
*R-tester is sold separately, it is not included.

nimbus R completo
Placa solar nimbus R



It requires no external power as it includes a PV module and a high capacity battery which allows the communication to be powered as
well as to make exhaustive tests of the internal operating electronics of the lightning rod (emission and charge).




When performing a test, a high intensity LED on the lightning rod provides visual verification that the communication between the lightning rod and the remote control is taking place correctly.

LED modulo PV nimbus R
cabezal nimbus

Verifiable quality

Peace of mind


nimbus® is the first lightning rod to provide a high-quality confirmation method based on the verification of its authenticity. Verification must be done on the official Cirprotec website using a
laser-marked QR on the body of the lightning rod.

Esquema CPT city.png
Cabezal nimbus R


  • Temperature range: -10ºC ... 80ºC

  • Enclosure: IP67

  • Material: stainless steel AISI 316 (air terminal) y ABS (PV box)

  • Impulse discharge current (10/350 μs): 200 kA

  • Min. cable section: 50mm²

  • Flat tape width: 25-30 mm

  • Flat tape thickness: 2-6 mm

  • Power supply and communication: PV box + Li-ion battery 3,65V and radiofrequency communication 

  • High intensity red LED indicator on PV module

  • NF C 17-102:2011

nimbus PRO proximamente

nimbus® PRO


IoT smart protection. ESE lightning rod remotely testable from CLOUD, with IoT lightning strike meter/counter up to 200 kA.


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